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Some Friends may feel they would welcome a deeper involvement, in which case they may like to apply to join the Friends’ Committee. There is a regular turnover of Committee Members, as the term of office lasts for just three years.

Friends of The Bowes Museum Committee, 2013-2014.

 The Earl of Strathmore
 The Hon Harry Vane
Vice Presidents : 
 George Laing
   Nancy Swinbank 
   Lesley Taylor  MBE
   Fiona Turnbull
 Caroline Peacock
Hon.  Secretary: 
 Clarissa Milbank
Hon. Asst Secretary: 
 Susan Kirkbride
Hon. Treasurer:
 Catherine Sunley
Asst. Hon. Treasurer: 
 Shirley Richardson
Membership Coordinator: 
 Moppet Cooke-Hurle
Newsletter Editor:
 Diana Collecott
Press and Publicity Officer: 
 Tony Seward
Volunteers Coordinator:
 John Bird
Events Group Secretary:
 Susan Kirkbride
Marketing Group Secretary: 
 Clarissa Milbank

Current Committee Members

Dianne Austin (2016)  John Bird (2014)  Vicky Chilcott (2016) Diana Collecott  (2015)  Jonathan Peacock (2014)  Joanna Tait-Lovatt OBE (2015) Shelagh Turner (2013) .