11 October - 1 February 2015

Celebrating conservation of the Museum’s important painting The Last Communion of Saint Peter Nolasco by Francisco Pacheco, this exhibition investigates Pacheco and his relationships with Velázquez and the Sevillian School of painting, exploring the role of Pacheco as the master of the second generation of painters of the seventeenth-century in Seville.

This exhibition, guest-curated by Dr Veronique Gerard Powell, is presented by The Bowes Museum and Auckland Castle Trust in collaboration with Durham University. 

The purpose of this partnership is to celebrate and communicate the important collections of Spanish Art in County Durham to audiences of all walks of life and interests, nationally and internationally. The partnership aims to promote a centre for the study of Spanish Art and Culture
in the United Kingdom, and develop County Durham as a world-class arts and cultural destination.  

Must See! A complementary exhibition at Auckland Castle, Hidden Treasures: Spanish Art in County Durham (15th October 2014-30th October 2015) highlights objects and artwork from across the region. 

Spanish Symposium
23 – 25 October 2014

This ground-breaking three day conference takes place across three venues in County Durham; Auckland Castle, Durham University and The Bowes Museum, celebrating the important collections of Spanish art in the county, the largest outside London. Leading international academics and curators will speak on aspects of Spanish art and research, referencing the outstanding Zurbarans at Auckland Castle and loans to The Bowes Museum from the National Gallery, the Prado in Madrid and York Museums Trust. The exhibition loans will complement The Bowes Museum’s own collection of Spanish art, much of it acquired by the founder, John Bowes, in 1862. The exhibition will also feature the Museum’s own major work by the Spanish artist Pacheco, which has undergone years of conservation and is seen on display for the first time since it was acquired.

 For more information please see the main Spanish Symposium page here.